Baby LOVE Coral Basket


Our baby LOVE coral basket is lined with a fantastic, colourful print in vibrant reds and corals. The simple, sophisticated straw basket contrasts to the busy, yet classic interior of the bag and serves as the perfect holiday accessory.

Our new collection of BomBom baskets lined with printed materials aim to encompass the rustic chic feel of our traditional straw artisan bags which we have bought to life through a variety of vibrant patterns and colours. We wanted to create something that we felt was missing from our holiday wardrobes and that could be used equally perfectly for day-time sunbathing as well as evening escapades. 

this BomBom has red woven wool handles, complementary to its print, and a matching tie on the outside of the bag.
While in stock, our printed BomBoms can be shipped within 1-3 working days.
Please note that the main image on this product is of our large Love basket which is the same as our baby, just bigger! 


- Short woven wool handle

- Made of natural palm fronds

- Straw Bag

- Handmade

- 36cm by 19cm

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