At BOMBOM, we want to ensure that our babes look and feel good while empowering other women. Each BOMBOM basket and hat is lovingly handmade by a women’s association in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Our BOMBOMs are made from natural palm leaves, and every pompom and letter are naturally dyed in Marrakech tanneries and then hand-sewn onto the baskets and hats. Every step of the way, we take the time to get to know the women who produce our BOMBOMs – and to know they’re given the opportunity to feel confident and independent. We aim to keep our values strong with fun and funky designs while encouraging female empowerment by putting social responsibility at the heart of our brand.

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Gibraltarian sisters Olivia and Beatriz started BOMBOM in the Summer of 2016. Spending many adventures in Morocco, Olivia and Beatriz are enchanted by the country. A place of extravagant architecture and labyrinthine-walled Marrakech; of never-ending souks filled with dazzling crafts; of windsurfers on the wild beaches of Taghazout; and hikers exploring the almond blossom and waterfalls of Atlas Mountains. Olivia and Beatriz started BOMBOM because they wanted to capture the essence of Morocco’s meeting of the dramatic traditional with the vibrant contemporary.

BOMBOM takes you everywhere you need to go on your holiday – The airport, the hotel, sightseeing or relaxing and everywhere in between. We have got you covered.

Bright. Fun. Practical. That bespoke basket you put all your stuff in as you run down to the beach to work on your tan. That neon clutch you know goes with everything as you head out to dance all night. That big hat you can use to hide those hungover eyes the next morning whilst lying by the pool.

Olivia and Beatriz started BomBom because they wanted to capture the essence of Morocco's meeting of the dramatic traditional with the vibrant contemporary.

Our BOMBOM babes are strong and confident. They work hard, but they play harder. They have big hearts and are very serious about sustainability – but maybe even more serious about tequila on the rocks.