Hidden in the exclusive Palmeraie area of Marrakech, Ezzahra is a stylish private estate of three luxury villas, fifteen minutes’ drive from the heart of the Medina. The villas are in 20,000 square metres of landscaped gardens with ancient olive trees, date palms, orange and pomegranate trees. It is here where Olivia and Beatriz decided that they wanted to create something beautiful which represented as many aspects of Moroccan culture, tradition and colour as possible.

Villa Ezzahra
The interior of Villa Ezzahra (meaning orange blossom in Arabic) is decorated in the style of a traditional riad with a mix of Moroccan fabrics, souk finds and hand-picked treasures from around the country. There is also an important art collection by Moroccan artists, principally Mohamed Hamri who’s use of colour and texture perfectly depict the mix of the hustle and bustle of moroccan streets along with the elegance of its architecture and traditional dress. The house was designed by Brian Callaghan, the grandfather of our BomBom Morocco founders Olivia and Beatriz which makes it a place very close to their heart and brings many memories of being together with their family in such a magical place.
It is here where the initial idea of BomBom sombreros came from because placed on each sunbed around the beautiful swimming pool there is a hat with the word name ‘Ezzahra’ woven into it. BomBom baskets and the rest of the collection then developed once the company gained momentum.

Villa Alkhozama
Surrounded by ancient olive trees and extensive gardens, Villa Alkhozama (meaning lavender in Arabic) is a two-bedroomed villa, which combines contemporary design with local materials, strong Moroccan colours and traditional craftsmanship. The house was designed by one of Morocco’s most renowned architects, Karim el Achak, from ‘Agence Architecture Associati of Marrakech’, with bespoke furniture and lighting by Colefax and Fowler’s design director, Philip Hooper. The earthy colours of the exterior of this house, mixed with the coloured tadelac on the interior was great inspiration for colour combinations and the deep orange colour which BomBom uses in their branding.

Villa Azzaytouna
Villa Azzaytouna (meaning olive in Arabic) stands in gardens filled with lavender, orange blossom, bougainvillea and olive trees. The house features many souk finds, which include Berber benches, wooden carved doors, antique pots and Beni Ourain rugs. A large sunken Berber tent brings a far away desert feel to the mix of modern and traditional architecture which is something we try to incorporate in each of our products, using traditional methods of drying palm leaves in the sun and wool dyed in the tanneries within the medina whilst keeping up to date with todays fashions and latest styles.

This villa truly is the epitome of luxury.”
Harper’s Bazaar
“The staff here are such fun, so engaging and so delightful, that everything appears, deliciously, in seconds.”
Conde Nast Traveller
“Named after the orange groves that encircle it, Ezzahra is a fantasy villa straight out of Arabian Nights.”
“Staying in Ezzahra is like staying in a top hotel, but with no other guests.”
Country Life
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