Daisy Basket


Introducing our new Daisy Basket for Summer 2019! This baby basket features a hand-embroidered daisy design with wool handles and a matching tassel. The idea behind this theme was to create a fun and summery yet chic basket that you can use all summer long. The bag also features a white towel lining to protect all your items. This bag is also available to personalise with your name in our 'Bespoke' section here

Each basket is handcrafted in Morocco by the ladies at a foundation for illiterate women who use only natural components and sustainable techniques to craft the bag. The naturally dyed wool is then hand-embroidered onto the straw to create these beautiful designs. 

Pre-order yours now and allow 4 weeks to receive your basket.  


  • Made from natural palm fronds 
  • Handcrafted
  • Approx 32 x 16cm
  • Hand embroidered daisy basket
  • Short black wool handles with a black tassel
  • White towel lining included

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