Evil Eye Hat


Introducing our new Evil Eye Hat for Summer 2019! Show off your spiritual side with this hand-embroidered evil eye straw hat and hide your hangover eyes the morning after. This hat features a hand-embroidered evil eye design. The idea behind this theme was to create a fun and chic hat that you can use all summer long.

Each straw hat is handcrafted in Morocco by the ladies at a foundation for illiterate women who use only natural components and sustainable techniques to craft the hat. The naturally dyed wool is then hand-embroidered onto the straw to create these beautiful evil eye motifs. 

Pre-order yours now and allow 2 weeks to receive your hat.


  • Made from natural palm fronds 
  • Handcrafted
  • Approx 44 x 44cm
  • Hand embroidered with evil eye motif

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